Hotels and services

Sokotel Oy is SOK’s subsidiary in the travel and hospitality business, operating fourteen Sokos Hotels and seven Radisson Blu Hotels in the Capital Region, Tampere, Oulu and Tallinn.

Sokos Hotels

Sokos Hotels – our mission is creating happiness

Sokos Hotels has been chosen as Finland’s most responsible, most valued and most reliable hotel chain for several years in a row. Sokos Hotels is a Finnish hotel chain consisting of 47 hotels. The chain’s four hotel types offer a unique hotel experience for everyone.

Radisson Hotels

Feel The Difference

Radison Blu Hotels is part of the Radisson Hotel Group, which has more than 1,400 hotels in operation or under construction around the world. The Radisson Blu chain operates in Finland as a franchise. Sokotel Oy has a multi-year agreement with the Radisson Hotel Group to operate the hotels. The hotels focus on offering individual experiences and top-class service.

Restaurant, event and meeting services

We engage in restaurant operations under different concepts. Some of our restaurants are popular chain restaurants, while others are great, unique restaurants.

All our restaurants are prominently featured on the Raflaamo online service.