Sokotel Oy

The contact information of Sokotel Oy's Management Team can be found here.

Company management

Sokotel is a Finnish hotel operator that consists of individual hotels and restaurants and a large group of passionate professionals. We are SOK Liiketoiminta Oy’s subsidiary in the travel and hospitality business and operate fourteen Sokos Hotels and seven Radisson Blu Hotels. Sokotel Oy has operations in the Capital Region, Tampere, Oulu and Tallinn.

Sokotel’s mission is to operate profitably and provide our customers a genuine service experience following our brand.

Sokotel Oy contacts:

  • Managing director - Jari Annala (SOK Liiketoiminta Oy)
  • Chief financial officer - Marko Lievonen (SOK Liiketoiminta Oy)
  • Director for hotel business - Heli Engblom
  • Director for restaurant business - Petra Wikström
  • Hotel business, Sokos Hotels Tallinn - Petri Schaaf
  • Revenue Director – Thomas Grundström
  • SVP, HR – Jennie Stenbom (SOK Liiketoiminta Oy)
  • SVP, marketing and communications– Pekka Haverinen (SOK Liiketoiminta Oy)

The email addresses follow the format